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New Arrivals & Future Litters

New kittens looking for their forever homes from 5 October 2019:   MotherRubycoon Paris of Emalini FatherCH Emalini Alpine MaleEmalini DrogoSilver Mackerel Tabby and WhitePrice: R6500.00 MaleEmalini TyrionWhitePrice: R7250.00 FemaleEmalini SansaWhitePrice: R7250.00 (Reserved – pending Saturday visit)

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Legends of the Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons have been around for many centuries.  Maine Coon cats were first listed in the program of a cat show which was held in Boston in January 1878. There are several stories as to the origin of Maine Coons, unfortunately nobody really knows and the cats aren’t saying…. Some of the Stories: Maine Coons…

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