It is with great sadness that I announce that I have closed my cattery after 18 years of breeding.

Emalini History

Lenthall’s Red was my first Maine Coon male bought for me by my husband, Vaughan. A magnificent red tabby and white! He went missing on 21 May 2005, and to date, we have

About Maine Coon Cats

They have a lovely medium haired, silky soft coat of varying lengths and are well built to surviveharsh winters, are water resistant. A Maine Coon’s amazing long plumed tail

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Legends of the Maine Coon Cat

By Emalini Cattery | 22nd October 2016

Maine Coons have been around for many centuries.  Maine Coon cats were first listed in the program of a cat show which was held in Boston in January 1878. There are several stories as to the origin of Maine Coons, unfortunately nobody really knows and the cats aren’t saying…. Some of the Stories: Maine Coons…

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News & Happenings

By Emalini Cattery | 30th October 2016

Tiger Two (AKA TT) is now 2 and half years old and belongs to Vaughan.

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New Arrivals & Future Litters

By Emalini Cattery | 30th October 2016

If you are looking for beautiful Maine Coon kittens please contact: Keri Clark – Infinity Cattery Mobile number: 083 395 5256 Email: clark.kerigan@gmail.com or Linda von Mollendorf – Rubycoon Cattery Mobile number: 083 528 6670 Email: 083 528 6670 My next babies have arrive and are all sold MotherDolly FatherMidnight Warrior

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Emalini Amos

News and happenings ~ Emalini Amos

By Emalini Cattery | 30th November 2018

Emalini Amos Blue and white male Taking it easy on the couch. Now with his forever parents Debbie and Jack in Muscat, Oman.  Beautiful loving baby. I will miss him tons.

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